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Our Mission

Delivering discovery to kids—and the grownups who love them—one Drop at a time.

Our Values

A wink and a nod to Robert Flughum’s All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten

Ready, Set, Grow

Growth comes in many forms—some uncomfortable, some unexpected, but all inevitable—and, if you do it right, the limit to our shared success is nonexistent. We support each other through the awkward stages of growing, so we can celebrate together when we hit a milestone.

Color Outside the Lines

It’s called a comfort zone for a reason, but not much innovation can happen when you’re standing still; just try being a visionary when you can only see a few feet ahead. Trying something new is intimidating, experimentation is a risk, taking a chance is scary —but try it, and you might just like it.

And Streeeeetch!

Staying nimble is our best defense against a world that comes at you fast. Flexibility is a learned skill, one we take pride in having, one that spurs innovation and inspires trust from our customers and coworkers alike.

Be the Village

They say it takes a village to raise happy kids. We don’t know who “they” are but we are all the village. When we combine our powers, we can work smarter, not harder. We as a team are at the heart of what we do. We demand accountability and provide it happily when asked.

Show & Tell

We can tell you what we stand for all we want, it’s showing what we stand for that counts to the people who matter to us most: our team and our customers. We express externally what matters to us internally: Making choices from a place of empathy, positivity, and consideration for the kind of world we are leaving the kids who wear our clothes.

Show Your Work

What makes Dopple different? We operate by a code of transparency. We won’t just explain what we’re doing, we’ll tell you why we do it, who it benefits, and how we’re going to get there—and what you can do to help.

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