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What is Dopple?

How does Dopple work?
Why should I try Dopple?
How do I sign up for Dopple?


Is Dopple a subscription service?
Can I cancel or reactivate my subscription?
How long does it take to get my Drop?
Can I change when my next order will arrive?
How does the Service Fee work?
How frequently will I receive a Drop?
What happens if I don't like what I receive? Do you exchange items?
Can I know what items I’m going to get in advance?
How is Dopple different than other subscription boxes?


How do you offer such great prices?
How much does Dopple cost?
When will I be charged?
What is the price range of Dopple clothing?


What brands does Dopple carry?
What is the quality of the brands that Dopple offers?


How can I find tracking information?
Can I send my Drop to another location?
Do you ship internationally?
What courier do you use?
Can I choose a courier that best works for me?


How does the referral program work?
How do I refer my friends?
Do referral credits expire?

Gift Drops

Do you have expedited shipping?
Can Gift Drops be returned?
What sizes do Gift Drops come in?

Gift Cards

Where can I buy a Gift Card?
How do I redeem my Gift Card?
Do I have to sign up for a subscription to redeem my Gift Card?
Can the leftover Gift Card balance be used toward my next Drop?
I made a mistake and sent a Gift Card to the wrong email address! What do I do?


Free shipping and returns, always.

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Flexible Drops to suit you.

We remind you once a quarter, but you can choose to skip or even order a one-off Drop whenever you want!

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