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We're the membership service reimagining how parents shop for their kids.

We created Dopple to make parents’ lives just a little more sane and a lot more fun, to save you time and money, and to help you feel like the cool parent you are. Raising kids is freaking hard — oh, that’s why we affectionately call them little monsters — so we’re taking shopping for kids clothes off your overloaded, sleep-deprived plate.

Imagine receiving stylish, cool high-quality outfits in your kid’s size and style… before you even realize you need them! Get shoes just as they start walking and coats just as the temperature dips, all at 30-80% off.

Dopple is more than convenience — we’re obsessed with personalization, quality and value. Our diverse and unique merchandise allows us to deliver a totally one-off experience for each family, matched to each kiddo’s personality.

Our brands

Dopple carries hundreds of popular and boutique children’s clothing, shoes and accessories brands, many of which are owned by moms and dads like you.

We help parents discover new brands to love without having to spend hours researching and comparing prices. We love supporting brands in reaching more parents and growing their businesses everyday.

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