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Nicole Trunfio talks business, bringing up anti-racist kids and life on her Texas ranch

She’s worked for some of the biggest names in fashion — Dior, Chanel and Versace, just to name a few. Now the Australian model and mother of three is making a name in the design world.

Q: From model to mom to mompreneur, you juggle a lot of roles! Can you share a little bit about your business ventures, Bumpsuit and Erth? What inspires you?

A: I’m so inspired by collaboration. I love being a team player and working behind the scenes with other creatives to bring a vision to life. My imagination is wild—I have WAY too many ideas, which makes it hard to switch off sometimes. Time with my family can also be tough because my mind doesn’t stop going creatively. When I do switch off though, I find it so relaxing and therapeutic to hear my children laugh, and I love to listen to their thoughts and imaginations too!

We are only six months old, but BUMPSUIT has blown up! I‘m loving providing women the style, comfort, and support that was unavailable to me while I was pregnant. We have so much more in the works too. With ERTH, we are about to launch an app, which is a game changer for how you buy jewelry and curate your own personal ear party! Check it out at early October.

Q: Tell us about ranch life in Texas! Do you miss the hustle and bustle of NYC, or has it been a breath of fresh air, especially now with Coronavirus?

A: I’ve never missed the hustle and bustle of NYC. I feel right at home on our ranch, and I love having the space to think clearly and not be sucked into the machine and scene of the city. It’s inspiring—I can really focus here. It’s been the biggest blessing to be honest, and now during these times, we are already so set up in nature that I couldn’t imagine being stuck in my NYC apartment. I meditate on all the families that are stuck inside and am sending them good energy, love, and light.

Q: You’re married to musician Gary Clark Jr. and raising three beautiful biracial kids together. As parents (of all colors), how can we do a better job bringing up the next generation to be anti-racist? Any favorite children’s books or resources you can share?

A: Nothing is better than setting a good example for your children. What they see you do and hear you say defines who they become as people. Yes, parents, you have THAT much power! I see this being overlooked so often. I know we all try our best to be the best parents we can be, but we don’t have the opportunity to study and get a parenting license, like we do to drive a car or operate on someone, so most of us just figure it out as we go. I think there should be more education and emphasis on good parenting and undoing all of the bad and old conditioning we have been taught. Imagine learning how to manage money, navigate the tax system, harbor good relationships and parent children in school — things we would actually find useful in life — our world would be blossoming.

Q: Best parenting advice you ever received?

A: “Do whatever you need to do to make your kids comfortable.” – My dad. And, “You know best. Don’t listen to anyone but your inner voice. Mama knows best what my baby needs; its instinct and intuition.” – Me to myself.

Q: Most epic #momfail?

A: Forgetting necessary items for school days is always the biggest burn.

Q: Best beauty tip or trick you learned from modeling?

A: Beauty comes from within, so thinking of someone or something you love when you are in front of the camera, it helps to be less robotic.

Q: You’re quite the cook, and you just launched your new cooking show Chef Trunfio (obsessed!). Can you Drop your fave kid-friendly recipe here?

A: I make these guys called, “Food dude” — they are essentially the kid version of every meal I cook. I usually take the ingredients and create different faces out of them. It really helps with portion sizing and makes eating really fun for the babes!

Q: Fave family activity?

A: Definitely fishing in our pond and swimming.

Q: Go-to Covid uniform?

A: Bumpsuits for sure. They are the coziest, buttery soft thing ever, pregnant or not pregnant. I wear mine every day. Oh, and our best selling, five times sold out waist trainer from Bumpsuit — it’s a game changer for posture, support, shapewear, and postpartum.

Q: 2020 has taught me…

A: Simplicity is key.

Q: What makes you feel sexy?

A: My husband and feeling accomplished.

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