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MILFS: The founders of Madras Made on building the next Bonpoint + why sometimes you just gotta serve goldfish for dinner!

The Madras Made mama founders share their journey from motherhood into mavenhood, goldfish dinners included.

The two founders of NYC brand Madras Made share their journey from motherhood into mavenhood, goldfish dinners included. Read more about their beautiful line of affordable treasures (liberty prints included!) made primarily in women owned or operated Indian factories and get dibs on the new goods before it sells out!

Q: Why did you two decide to start Madras Made?

Danielle: We found that we were unable to find unique, affordable, well-made clothing for children and we felt passionate that we could make something special.

Q: Best piece of business advice you’ve received?

Danielle: Always be authentic and passionate. Also, make sure you’re enjoying whatever you’re doing.  

Q: Best parenting advice?

Danielle: The tough moments and the incredible moments will pass so remember to be present and take time to enjoy every stage.

Divya: The best way to learn is by doing.

Q: What have been the highs and lows of launching Madras Made?

Danielle: So many highs! Ultimately seeing your hard work pay off and seeing someone thrilled about something you have made. There haven’t been many lows but balancing being a mom, wife, friend, sister, and daughter + running a business is always challenging.

Divya: The highs are seeing people love what you love and what you have created. The lows for me are when I have to be away from my kids when we travel for work.

Q: If someone only knew you from social media, how would they describe your life/experience as an entrepreneur? If they could see the reality behind the scenes, what would they see instead?

Danielle: Behind the scenes, people would see two women who are trying to do it all. We are balancing the responsibilities that come with being the wives of extremely busy husbands and being the support systems for growing children. We also manage to have a ton of fun, food, and travel along the way.

Q: Any epic #momfail moments that stand out?

Danielle: For both of us, it’s mainly food related. Slaving over a hot stove only to have the meal be rejected… and then serving up Goldfish for dinner. Yeah, I would say that’s a pretty regular struggle.

Q: What is it like raising kids in NYC?  

Danielle: It’s both incredible and challenging. We have so many resources at our fingertips which is both a good and bad thing. The New York Times had an article about the importance of children being bored because it forces children to become creative thinkers. In NYC, children are NEVER bored. At the end of the day, we all want to raise thoughtful, kind, and intelligent children. I just want to make sure my kids have as much fun as they can along the way!

Q: Favorite local store?

Danielle: Currently, and quite sadly, it’s Whole Foods. I literally live inside the Whole Foods in TriBeca.  I am also obsessed with their amber oil. I use it as perfume and get so many complements! Shoutout to my girl Audra for the tip!

Q: Favorite local restaurant?

Danielle: Marc Forgione. Their roast chicken is insane.

Q: Favorite local kid’s activity?

Danielle: American Natural History Museum. Enough said.

Q: 3 things you can’t live without?

Danielle: Our support system (friends & family who keep us laughing), TRAVEL and GOOD FOOD (really good food).

Q: Fave womenswear brands?

Danielle: Zimmerman just has the right combination of playful and sexy. I love the way the Aussies have combined a beachy feel with urban wear. And Isabel Marant always makes me feel beautiful.

Divya: Vince for simplicity and Isabel Marant for prints.

Q: Fave kid’s brands other than Madras Made?

Danielle: Roberta Roller Rabbit PJs, my kids are obsessed!

Q: Fave Madras Made moment so far?

Danielle: Having family & friends help launch our brand. They have been so incredibly supportive; they actually sit at farmers markets to help us sell clothes. It’s pretty cool when people give up time at the end of their work week to show up for you.  

Divya: Being in Chennai and meeting with our foundation to give back to a little boy on his birthday. It was a really incredible moment.

Q: Fave Madras Made item you’ve ever made?

Danielle: The India Top & Bloomer Set.

Divya: I can’t pick a favorite! I’m attached to all of them.

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